About Movie Buff Creations

Movie Buff Creations is USA based independent film production company specialized in making ultra low budget films. Our unique approach differentiates us from other independent production companies. The core team of Movie Buff Creations works and has worked for some of the world’s biggest management companies. We understand and do business with a scientific approach. Our approach produces positive results and maximizes your returns. We offer a valuable Indian American view of life internationally. We leveraging technology effectively this will provide a very low risk to our Investors.

We at Movie Buff Creations believe story is the king. We put a lot of thought, time and screen writers on a script making the execution style unique to compete with our competitors.

In addition to a Highly Intelligent script written and communicated in a very simple language. A very professional cast and crew is the key to the success of production and post production of the film what we visualize.

Delivering a very high quality product is the key to success in the film festivals. The final quality of the marketable product is always depends on the initial budget available. Starting the product development with the required sufficient budget is an important factor to avoid the post production challenges.

Our Strengths:

  • A very creative and smart team who meet regularly to brain storm new ideas.
  • A Proven track record in various projects, industries and countries.
  • Strong experience in project management skills.
  • Worked for world class management services consulting a company which is our key strength to plan ahead and execute with excellence.
  • Well Experienced and qualified in filmmaking.
  • Members of filmmaking groups and attend networking meetings and events regularly.
  • Regular guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, Retired CEO’s and Senior Doctors.
  • Exchange ideas with other producing companies to compare best practices and methods.
  • Owned Movie Camera, Lenses, tripods, dolly, lighting, computers, production equipment etc.
  • Have copyrighted scripts
  • Have well qualified subcontractors to execute Movie Buff Creations vision.
  • Strong network of Cast, Crew and studios.
  • Strong network of Locations available for shooting.
  • Database of rental companies for equipment needs.
  • 1000 Sq ft Real Estate space available to set up a fully functional studio.